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I  N  D U S T R I A L


M  O V I E  S T I L L S

Product Photography
The goal of product photography is for the photographer to take a static image and portray it as intriguing and life-like. Lighting, depth of field, product positioning, setting, and props help to achieve the creative goal. I have all the equipment and skills to produce the desired results in any environment or setting.

Catalog Photography
My studio uses a commercial light table that allows graphic designers to use the images in multiple applications such as web and print catalogs. The illuminated background of the light table allows quick and easy cropping of the image background in order to overlay the subject on other backgrounds.  If you require hundreds or thousands of images for your online store or print catalog, this is the most efficient means of getting the job done.

Application Photography
This is a product photography shoot in actual use while using a realistic or staged background. The photograph can include people and/or their extremities such as hands and feet. These shots can be taken on-site or in the studio to achieve a very controlled shot.

Hybrid Catalog / Application Photography
When trying to emphasize small product attributes in a large environment, I typically photograph the product in a controlled studio and then photograph the background or environment separately. Afterwards, the images are overlaid using Photoshop in order to emphasize the product in its application environment.  This provides the best quality image since lighting, focus, and depth of field is optimized for each component.

Macro Photography

When you need to show very detailed attributes of a small object, even as small as a pinhead, you need to use macro photography. Macro photography can be used in all types of product photography.


Sequential Photography

The method of showing a moving object on a single image. In order to process this image, I photograph a moving object at mulitiple frames per second. Then Photoshop is used to piece the images back together as a single image. There are many variables need to control so let me know what you want to shoot and I will advise if it is possible. Some typical sports that work very well are BMX, Running, Skiing, Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, and Motocross to just name a few.


Movie Stills

Still image photography on a movie set has its challenges. I have the equipment to get the shots from any angle or height without disrupting the set.



Color correction, black and white conversion, shadows, cropping and image conversions are just a handful of photoshop services offered. Ask about other services such as special effects, image overlays etc.


Image Processing

Image processing through local suppliers. 


Set Design

Woodworking, metalworking, electrical, and other construction equipment is available for producing sets for macro to large outdoor shoots.

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